At Hillcrest Jewish Center we are always looking for new ways to transmit the eternal messages of our Torah. 3000 years ago the Torah was inscribed in stones, then was the time of the parchment and later on the paper that we now today. But in the last 25 years the Torah started to navigate the Web as well. Today we are proud to share with you a new project of Hillcrest Jewish Center: bringing the Torah to your phones.

How does it work? We have created this blog where we are uploading, each week, a short reflection of the Torah portion. And each Friday morning we will be sending a SMS (text message) to your phone with that short commentary of the Torah portion and the time of the candle lighting for the upcoming Shabbat.

How do I receive the SMS? It’s easy. If you would like to receive an SMS message every week please send your mobile phone number and your name to and starting from this Friday you will start receiving Torah in your phone.